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Backbeat Drivers: Press

True Blues Confession

The Backbeat Drivers’ long anticipated second album, ‘True Blues Confession’, has finally seen the light of day. While I’m not sure all of the tracks fit strictly within the blues genre, the Backbeat Drivers’ have always had a unique take on the blues.

The songs on this album are as diverse as those on their debut CD, 'The Emperor’s New Blues' and are characterised by their deep and meaningful lyrics, the tight rhythms laid down by Doc and Ben, Michael’s tasty guitar work and Steve’s wailing harp and powerful vocals, all backed up by great harmonies when Michael and Ben’s voices are added to the mix.

This second offering from the thinking person’s Blues Band is on sale at the CBS monthly jams or can be purchased online at their website. Go out and buy it now and make up your own mind!!
Russ Lawrence - Canberra Blues Society (Nov 14, 2007)

Emperor's New Blues

666 ABC Radio reviews of "The Emperor's New Blues"
... "With 'The Emperor’s New Blues', the Drivers’ finally have a recording that does justice to their sound. Doc and Ben are a solid rhythm section providing a strong base of support for Steve’s Harp and Michael’s guitar work. Steve, is a fine blues singer and his, Ben’s and Michael’s voices blend well together in harmony. What I like best about the Drivers though, are the songs themselves. The Drivers’ songs, and they all had a hand in writing them, are thoughtfully crafted and worded and relate to a broader range of subject matter than your average blues collection. Some, like ‘Hundred Dollar Suit’, ‘Black Hat’ and ‘Trippin with Elvis’ are amusing, light hearted romps. Others like ‘Brown Water’ and ‘Reinvent the Blues’ are darker and cry out with pain. Most don’t follow the standard twelve bar format but still ooze the blues.

The Emperor’s New Blues is a classy debut from Canberra’s most original blues outfit."
Dean Edgecombe - Canberra Blues Society
Review of Performance 19 March 2000

“With their original songs from their true stories, The Backbeat Drivers sang their brand of Aussie blues: defined as post-rock blues, post-cover blues and post-modern blues.
And as evening set in lead guitarist, Michael Hardy gave a performance that gelled The Backbeat Drivers together in their `entertainment' style.
The Backbeat Driver's have an inventive nuance combining various elements into a `Canberra' style. They show every sign of becoming a premier blues band, with outstanding potential in their original songs.
Bassist, Ben Connelly, and drummer, Dave `Doc' Rennie, drive the band's tight sound, while vocalist and harp/ guitar player, Steve Hartnett, carries the big blues sound in confidence with a big blues body.
By the time the Backbeat Drivers punched through a solid album's worth of original blues, the RoseCottage’s bar had run out of dark old beer!
Despite this mandatory jailable offence (in all territories), the place was now jumping.”
P. S Green - Canberra Blues Society Newsletter (Mar 24, 2000)
In an effort to bring quality homegrown Aussie Blues to the many diehard blues fans in the Manning, the album (The Emperor's New Blues) has been featured on 2BOB Sunday afternoon local Blues Show with your Aunty Trash and has accompanied the Good Trash to several backyard soirees where true blues afficionados have praised its lyrics and sensational riffs which reflect the experience and passion of the artists.
DJ Aunty Trash - 2BOB FM Taree NSW Australia (Jul 31, 2006)
"Great band, love their original songs, great CD"
" sounded great at The Old Canberra Inn"
"Especially love their original songs and harmonies"
"A very interesting take on blues & R&B. A big range."
"I've listened to your cd & it's fantastic. I love your gravelly voice, it's so full of grunt! The other vocals & instruments are also great. Your music is get up & dance & have a good time, or sit down & still have a good time, with a fabulous beat."
Wendy presents “Spirit of the Blues” on Spirit FM 92.3 in Narrandera NSW.
Wendy Rudin - Spirit FM 92.3 (Dec 18, 2006)